Welcome to the business area Timefinding, where we help ambitious knowledge workers get more done with less effort and deeper joy.

If you already work hard and smart and still end up chasing time rather than dancing with it, going Beyond Efficiency might be exactly what you need to get back into the driver seat of your life. 

Can I help you get more done with less effort and deeper joy?

Let’s find out. 

The easiest and fastest way is by having a short online chat. In our talk you can tell me about yourself and your situation and together we will see if the ways I help knowledge workers get more done will benefit you too.  

You can also find out by reading my book Beyond Efficiency.

 (Or – if you know Swedish –  my book Visst har du tid).

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"Despite the illusion to the contrary, there really is enough time in your life for all that's important to you. I can help you find it.


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