Welcome to the business area Leadership where I strengthen leaders from the inside out so your organisation and your people can sustainably perform, deliver, and thrive.

I believe you have chosen great people to lead your business. You probably also give them plenty of opportunities to grow and develop, both on the job and through formal training. 

However, learning on the job has its limits. It’s hard to take time out to reflect, learn from colleagues and try new things when you’re under pressure to deliver.

While attending courses is inspiring and educational, participants rarely apply what they’ve learned once they’re back at work. 

With over 20 years of leadership experience focused on getting things done and making sure all involved have fun along the way, my approach to leadership development is highly practical. I know what works and what doesn’t. (For more information about how I know that and what companies I have worked at and with, please take a look at my About page. 🙂)

My training programmes help people build on their strengths and become confident, passionate leaders who enjoy leading themselves and others.

I am also available for keynote speeches, seminars and workshops as well as for leadership consulting. 

To find out if my services can help your organisation, you’re welcome to read more about what I do. 

You’re even more welcome to book a short talk to discuss if and how I can help strengthen your leaders and your organisation.

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