About senior leader Annika Rosendahl

Annika is a result-minded and caring life coach with extensive leadership experience who helps leaders find time and courage to lead their unique way.

Annika Rosendahl is a senior leader with over 20 years’ experience in the corporate world in the telecoms, automotive and utilities industries. 

Her style of leadership is to always find a way to achieve what she and her team are aiming for. Even if situations, organisations and even the goals themselves change along the way. 

She brings the same mindset to her coaching, helping leaders get from where they are to where they want to be in a practical, hands-on way that encompasses all areas of life, using her leadership experience and her life experience as a mother of three who has lived and worked in several countries.

Annika holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, is a PMI certified Project Management Professional, a certified Professional Scrum Master and a Robbins-Madanes trained coach. She is also a published author of both fiction and non-fiction books.

Annika Rosendahl has

  • worked at 
    • Volvo Car Company, EZH (NUON, later bought by Vattenfall), Semcon and Ericsson. 
  • consulted at
    • Volvo Car Company and Förvaltnings AB Framtiden
  • Provided seminars, workshops, training programmes and/ or coached leaders at
    • AstraZeneca, Baby in Red, BioMonkie, Centiro, Ericsson, Företagskonsulten, James Cook Media, Mallorca Solutions, Rangeland Foods, Sigma Technologies, Volvo Car Company and ZenseAct.

By helping companies and individuals getting things done effectively by enjoying what they do and using their uniqueness Annika has:


  • Trained and coached leaders who have in turn won prestigious awards, been promoted and have done their work even better with less effort and more fun.
  • Provided workshops that helped teams improve their ways of working and their ways of being with each other.
  • Provided keynote speeches and inspirational seminars at conferences like Passion for Projects and the launch of Budbee in the Netherlands as well as seminars at many other companies. 
  • Helped a start-up streamline their software development and improve the internal communications so much that a key senior developer who had at times been frustrated and ready to leave said: “If it hadn’t been for Annika, I would have left long ago.” 
  • Helped several small business owners work more effectively and peacefully. One of these companies even got out of debt. 
  • Lead teams in endeavours that resulted in Ericsson being world first (or among the world first depending on how you define it) in 3G, 4G and 5G. Her time at Ericsson was long and interesting and included task force missions where solutions were needed yesterday, including going off with a team from Sweden to Spain with a one-way ticket: “Don’t come back until the problem is solved”. Annika and her team came back within a week. This time also included leading a large program with 300 developers developing the next version of a marketing leading product and she also worked with smaller teams to bring out innovative new products and technology in record time. “When Annika leads a project, everything just works out.” “You are the best program manager we have ever had. Hands-down.” “I normally don’t like working with agile. It always gets messy. But somehow, Annika makes it work.”
  • Lead her project team to the successful delivery of a diagnostic tool for Volvo Car Company – originally meant for R&D but extended to Aftersales and Production putting this project on the critical line for start of production of the new car model. Annika managed this challenge, the biggest in her career until then, partly thanks to what her boss called: “an uncanny ability to always intuitively know what to focus on, what to prioritise”, partly thanks to what a project member said:  “You run through mountains to get your project done.” (He also added that maybe she could consider running around mountains instead in the future…)
  • Lead her team at  NUON (which was later bought by Vattenfall) to create and deliver a software and hardware demo in time for a fair in New York – even though the company hadn’t done anything of that kind before. Afterwards, the manager told her: “I can’t believe you managed. I never thought we would pull it off.” 

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